2007 Power Suits Accessories:Halliburton briefcase Carry only the documents you need in a slim attach case sans buckles or shoulder straps such as the zero in fullgrain leather by halliburton.The leather gives it a decidedly traditional edge, while the shape and size are functional. The penultimate power suit today is the subtle peak lapel pinstripe offered by ralph lauren purple ralphlaurenoutlet label.This suit with its wider lapel and luxuriously draping shoulders makes the clear statement that the man inside has confronted more than his share of difficult issues and risen to the occasion each time. Shoes:Salvatore ferragamo fiorenzo laceups The dark blue of this suit allows you to pair it with either black or dark brown leather shoes.While black is the failsafe option, you really should display confidence and wear dark brown salvatore ferragamo laceups. Power suit 3 Suit:Jack victor threebutton suit The final option for 2007 is a brown, threebutton, notchlapel suit with double bluechalk pinstripes by cheap ralph lauren shirts jack victor.A thick yet faint blue pinstripe is paralleled by a thin pinstripe of the same color that softens the usual harsh appearance of a pinstripe suit. Shoes:Tod esquire ankle boots The unusual pinstripe of this jack victor suit allows you to leave your standard dress shoes at home and venture forth in a pair of brown leather ankle boots from tod with a simple profile and rubber sole, their presence under the suit cuffed pant leg projects a man of action and worldly taste. Accessories:Omega moon phase ralph lauren outlet The real power in this jack victor suit is revealed when accented by an omega moon phase watch.With a 42mmcase black face, leather strap and black rotating bezel, this omega lets everyone know you been in tougher situations than an afternoon meeting and is the only accoutrement you ever need. Suit upthe true power suit is worn by the man who makes things happen with a wink or a nod.This man does not manipulate, cajole or sell.He simply makes a decision and the world around him conforms to his vision.Your first decision for 2007 is which Click to enter website suit to wear into battle.