Kayaking gear at womenshealthmag 1.Nrs farmer jane wet suit This wet suit, made of an insulating synthetic rubber called neoprene, will keep you warm in water 55 or below.Bean) Sit comfortably in these quickdrying shorts that hang slightly long to cover all your bases.The drainage holes in the pockets make sure any water that splashes on you goes back where it came from($38, Royal Robbins). ralphlaurensaleoutlet 3.Lifeguard's choice lip balm Keep your http://www.flashgallery.co.uk/uk-men-s-ralph-lauren-outlet.html lips protected with this weatherproof lip balm, made with titanium dioxide, a natural white coating that fights against sun and wind damage($2.70, Burts Bees). 4. 5.Pretty rugged ralph lauren shirts sandals Designed for use in and around water, these classic river sandals grip even the smoothest surfaces.The straps fit tightly around your feet for added stability, balance, and support($65, Teva). 6.1512 SubZero Mock Turtleneck This mock turtleneck's inner lining wicks sweat away from your skin and offers thermal protection even on cold and rainy days.The tight fit helps compress your muscles for support($50, Under Armour). 7.Women's kokatat msfit tour frontzip life vest Specially created for women kayakers and rafters, this life jacket wraps snugly around your ribs and spine, leaving your shoulders and torso free to twist, turn, and paddle.It has two zipup mesh pockets to stow essentials like sunscreen and sunglasses($126, REI).