Citroen c3 picasso comfort 09reg Diesel, Owner for Less than cheap michael kors handbags uk a year Well built, comfortable, with good handling and a comfortable height for rear seat passengers.With the more powerful of the diesel models, it is excellent, on the road, economical too(Near enough half the fuel michael kors uk bags cost of our previous car).Safety features are appreciated.Bags of good internal features, that really do matter.The radio and screen controls are a bit fussy and you need the manual to work them out.My main criticism is the suspension, which is unnecessarily soft and can proved bone shattering over city potholes and car restraints, more so than on any other car i know. A brilliant package and supremely practical for carrying long and awkward ichaelorweite loads, but the ride quality is very compromised for a citroen. (Audi a2 anyone? )What happened to the 'wafty' smooth ride promised by the road tests?This car clunks over potholes and hates speedbumps, and the seats could do with better lumbar support.Lucky it's built so solidly or else things might fall off on bumpy roads.Economy is good but well below expectations, and standard kit is very good indeed.