All partyesonline things colorado sports Want to know how to jettison an obscure name into the national spotlight?Sue!Lawyers for the grinchy north face(Tag:Never stop exploring) this week decided toSue the formerly inglorious parody apparel company The South Butt (Tag:Never stop relaxing. )The trademark infringement suit filed in cheap cocktail dresses for sale federal court in missouri has been gleefully trumpeted on the south butt website, catapulting company founder jimmy winkelmann into lofty realms.The international media attention()Is likely helping the suburban st.Louis teen reach his dream of selling $27 hoodies to help pay for college. North face apparently fails to recognize is that little jimmy winkelmann and the south butt have nothing to lose other than their faith in the fundamental tenets of capitalism and the american way, reads a statement from winkelmann lawyer. In today new world media, where armies of anonymous bloggers always champion the little guy, these goliath companies long ago should have learned that suing the kids with the peashooters carries significant risk of igniting those rarely dormant sentiments.It just does little good. (See warren miller entertainment vs level 1 productions. )Chances are good that the south butt fleeces and hoodies will soon become ironically hipster thanks mostly to the north face lawsuit. Little jimmy winkelman comes from an extremely wealthy family in st.Louis attending the most expensive private school in the area chaminade.The winkelman family are owners of huntleigh securities with business partner don weir.They recently lost $2 mil judgement for not paying rent on office space and violating missouri uniform fraudulent transfer act in the process.Their partner at huntleigh securities, don weir had his home raided by the fbi in 2008 finding $3.3 million in preciousmetal coins and other currency.From 1999 to 2008, weir convinced 44 clients to invest $13.7 million in these collectibles and promised to safeguard them.Instead, he stole $10.4 million of his clients valuables, sold them without their owners knowledge, and created false account statements to party dresses online sale cover his tracks.The fbi also found a large collection of authentic nazi artifacts mr.And do not worry, little jimmy will make it to college.This information is all public knowledge which any hard working journalist would find with about ten minutes of effort.Trademarks.Trademarks..