Kenny christian louboutin sale uk egan's sartorial adventures Kenny egan.Kenny, or 'kenneth' as he prefers to be referred to now, appeared as a commentator on an rte panel for paddy barnes in a shockingly awful jacket.While it might not be as thrilling as katy winning the silver, that crushed velveteen stonewash effect blazer deserved a medal of its own. And then, just to ram the point home that this jacket was by choice and not unfortunate accident, he posted a picture of himself wearing the jacket and said: "Here we go again, the stonewash is out. Not since Niall quinn's disco pants has there been such a national interest in the sartorial exploits of a sports star.In case you're not familiar with said pants, Sunderland fans have a song about niall's footballers trousers based on an incident in 1992 louboutinoutletuk where the footballer had a fight with teammate Steve mcmahon and ended up removing his bloodied shirt and dancing around in a pair of cutoff jeans.Sung along to the tune of the chant 'here we go' the lyrics are: